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“Il Buon Governo Award” is an international grant aimed at enhancing the culture of public governance in Kazakhstan, promoted by the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Astana and LATTANZIO Group, a leading Italian consulting firm for public administrations and institutions, which owns the format.

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Purpose of the award

The Award is intended to encourage and to provide an opportunity for development of significant research ideas of students and professionals, with the aim of contributing to the reform of Kazakhstan Public Administration and to the improvement of its capacity and effectiveness.

After a successful experience in Italy, LATTANZIO Group is supporting the Academy of Public Administration in order to give visibility and support students and young professionals passionate about PA modernization. Selected applicants will benefit from the mentorship of professionals and the expertise of leading institutions and international consulting firms.

Who can apply

All Kazakhstan’s nationals who meet the following requirements are welcomed to participate:

They are not older than 40 years old by 31st December 2016
They have a Master’s Degree or are currently enrolled in a Master’s course
They have a good command of English

Selection criteria

The research idea they will submit must refer to institutional reforms within the National Plan “100 Concrete Steps” Document proposed by President of Kazakhstan, namely:

#1 “Establishing a modern, professional and autonomous state apparatus”
#5 “Functioning as a transparent and accountable government”

All the projects will be evaluated according to:
– Coherence with the priorities of the Government
– Innovation of the solution proposed
– Thoroughness of the analysis and feasibility of the research plan
– Operational value and possibility of the solution proposed
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Find out more

About the Award. In Italy, the culture of an effective public governance has been developed since the 14th century. The naming “Il Buon Governo” is inspired by Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes in the Civic Palace of Siena, depicting the allegory of “Good and Bad Government”, one of the most remarkable accomplishments of the early Renaissance.

Indeed, it is this very value, “il Buon Governo” – good governance – that is behind this initiative, aimed at giving an input to those who want to commit to it and propose their own public administration reform ideas, in line with the National Plan “100 Concrete Steps” Document proposed by President of Kazakhstan.

The visual of the Award itself recalls all the values encompassed by the concept of “good governance”:
The tower stands for solidity, as solid is a government built over the centuries and that looks after its citizens’ rights and obligations to people, as well as open to reform for their sake.“The Laurel Wreath”, a metaphor of awarding and, at the same time, instilling a sense of community and unity.

About LATTANZIO GROUP. An Italian leading consulting firm, LATTANZIO Group is a hub of excellence that provides knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS), ranging from management consulting, e-learning, communication, health and safety at work to ICT and audit, with more than 40% income generated on international markets.

Thanks to its innovative KIBS integration, the Company delivers high-level solutions to complex projects, supporting the implementation of public policies and development programs in Italy and abroad. LATTANZIO GROUP assists public administrations, institutions and international donors in the fields of PA modernization, justice, local and rural development, agribusiness, education and digital transformation.

LATTANZIO Advisory, LATTANZIO Communication, LATTANZIO Learning, LATTANZIO Safety Quality Environment, LATTANZIO ICT Lab and LATTANZIO Audit are the companies part of LATTANZIO Group, each one created to meet specific needs. The Group has a 15-years history of steady growth and offices in Milan, Rome, Bari, Bucharest, Brussels, Washington DC and Astana.