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Guidelines for an effective proposal

Dear applicant, your proposal will be evaluated taking into account the quality of the research, and the innovative value, feasibility and operational value of the solution proposed. In order to have the maximum chances of success, try to follow suggestions given here.

Your proposal has to be coherent with the priorities of the Government

  • # 1 Establishment of a professional government apparatus
  • # 5 Transparent and accountable government

Therefore, be sure to state clearly to which reforms or other steps of the National Plan the proposal refers to, we kindly ask you to explain the coherence of the solution you propose and the research you plan to conduct with Government actions.

We suggest you to pay attention to the following questions:

  • • Indicating to which area, sector, functions of the Public Administration your proposal refers, and explain your understanding
  • • Giving indications of the organizational context to which the proposal refers
  • • Explain how the analysis you plan to conduct and the research will help to apply the proposed solution
  • • Explain the methodology of analysis that you plan to apply, which are the specific techniques and tools you plan to use, and which is your competence and experience in applying these tools

Concerning the solution proposed it may be useful to explain why the solution you refer to is innovative, considering previous initiatives undertaken.

If you propose a comparative approach and make reference to international experience, it may be relevant that you explain how you are going to use a comparative approach and, if you propose to consider solutions that have been used in other sectors, policy areas, institutions; in other institutional contexts and in other countries, give indications on how they should be adapted to the Kazakh contexts. Please note that, if you make reference to specific Italian cases, this will be appreciated, but will not affect the evaluation of the proposal.

You should suggest new solutions: for example, through new regulations, new procedures, new tools, new approaches, new organizational set-up, if possible you may indicate possible resources for the implementation of the solution.

It is useful that you give indication about the authority or body responsible for the decisions related to the proposed solution, and of the actors and stakeholders to be involved in the implementation of the solution proposed. You may give evidence of your capacity to relate effectively with the authority and other stakeholders.

You should indicate the operational value for the Administration and for the final beneficiaries of the solution:

  • • Giving indications useful to anticipate the effectiveness and the efficiency of the solution
  • • Explaining how the solution proposed will affect positively the final beneficiaries of the solution
  • • Indicating if the solution could be replicated in other situations and contexts

Register and apply here

Applications for the 2017 edition of the Buon Governo Award are currently closed, for any information please contact info@buongovernoawd.it

We are pleased to inform you that the evaluation committee determined the shortlist of candidates for the Award. The selected applicants invitated to the interview are:

  • · Aziz Iskakov
  • · Asan Bazilov
  • · Daniyar Suleimenov
  • · Yerbol Kapishev
  • · Yerzhan Ahmzhanov
  • · Yerkebulan Sagiyev
  • · Zharylgap Burmanov
  • · Kuanysh Orazayev

The interviews will be held on March 17. The venue is the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at Abai Ave. 33a, office 705. Candidates living outside of Astana will be able to pass an interview on Skype.